Prelude to Important Things

Only two worlds matter - the one before your eyes and the one that exists when they close.
I love stories. Ever since I was a child, I've read books and comics, devouring works of Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher, David Eddings and Lewis Carroll. Through them, I became aware of the fantastic- a world separated from our own by a hair's breath. A place where heartbreakingly beautiful mermaids frolic in sapphire oceans and hideous monsters roam forests, so dark, that light never seems to penetrate them.

On most days, you and I meet them in dreams. Sometimes, we meet them in our world, the waking world. Our lives are never the same again, for good or ill. What would happen should the imaginary and the real cross paths? It's always on my mind when I see a locked door, a path through an abandoned factory or flickering shadows during a blackout.

I hope you enjoy my work. Feedback's always appreciated.